Dr. Bogdan Examines Mommy Makeover Recovery Time – Dr. Michael A. Bogdan, a Dallas plastic surgery specialist, says surgeons can help patients manage pain control by creating personalized recovery schedules. He offers in-depth explanations of Mommy Makeover procedures on his websites. Read More »

Dr. Bogdan Featured in Mommy Makeover Article – Dr. Bogdan was interviewed by the Dallas Child magazine regarding the Mommy Makeover procedure. His commentary was included in the feature article. Read More »

Websites featuring Dr. Michael Bogdan

Please visit one of Dr. Bogdan's other websites for more information

Visit Dr. Bogdan's main website to see all of the procedures which he performs. This site reviews his education, research, and publications. The extensive photo gallery also contains case histories to help understand patient choices and decisions.

Dr. Bogdan's Facial Plastic Surgery Website

Dr. Bogdan has a website highlighting his Facial Plastic Surgery practice. Please click here to learn more about plastic surgery for the face.

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bogdan is a member of ASAPS - the American society for Plastic Surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery.

American Society of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Bogdan is a member of ASPS - the largest society for surgeons who have been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Bogdan's breast augmentation website hosted by Mentor. The site has an extensive photo gallery of Dr. Bogdan's patients who have undergone breast augmentation, and is an excellent resource regarding Mentor products.

Rhinoplasty Society

Dr. Bogdan's profile page with the Rhinoplasty Society. Dr. Bogdan has a special interest in nasal surgery and is an associate member of the society. The page includes a photo gallery that highlights some of Dr. Bogdan's cases.

Medical Professionals in Other Areas


Breast Augmentation Lift

Many California women go to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for a mommy makeover after their pregnancies. Some choose to receive a breast augmentation along with their lift. Visit Marina Plastic Surgery Associates’ specialty mommy makeover website to see which procedure is best for you!

Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon

When looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles, many men and women go to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates. Here, board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. Michelle Spring offer a menu of procedures for the face, body and breasts. Visit their website to learn about all of the procedures available!

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Dr. Bogdan is excited to announce the release of his new application for the iPhone! This FREE app is available for download from the App Store℠.

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