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Dr. Bogdan sees patients in Southlake office. For his Mommy Makeover patients, Dr. Bogdan utilizes specialty hospitals that offer the most modern surgical equipment, highest patient safety, and provide excellent care for his patients.

Aesthetic Solutions LogoAesthetic Solutions LogoDr. Bogdan's Southlake office is conveniently located on Carroll Avenue, directly across from Town Square. In this office, you can expect a boutique experience. We strive to avoid any patient overlap, so you will have a very private experience.

Forest Park Southlake Building PhotoForest Park Southlake Building PhotoIn Southlake, Dr. Bogdan performs most of his surgery at Forest Park Southlake, a new specialty surgical hospital within 5-7 minutes from his office. The facility is extremely well run and provides both excellent patient care in terms of safety, and a wonderful emotional experience. For patients undergoing an extensive Mommy-Makeover procedure, or for those who just wish the convenience offered by full-time nursing staff, the hospital has an overnight nursing floor.

Texas Institute for Surgery Building PhotoTexas Institute for Surgery Building PhotoMany of Dr. Bogdan's Dallas Mommy Makeover patients undergo surgery at the Texas Institute for Surgery - a specialty hospital affiliated with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. The hospital has one of the most high tech operating environments available and offers the type of care that Dr. Bogdan's patients appreciate. It has a fully staffed nursing floor, so that patients can stay overnight if it is indicated.

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Dr. Bogdan is excited to announce the release of his new application for the iPhone! This FREE app is available for download from the App Store℠.

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