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While the type of breast enhancement procedure varies from woman to woman, Mommy Makeovers almost always include a tummy tuck for Dallas and Fort Worth moms because pregnancy consistently impacts the abdominal skin and muscles. Also known as an abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck helps women restore a slim, fit look to their abdominal contour that cannot be attained through exercise and weight loss.

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Your Options

Dr. Bogdan performs several variations of the tummy tuck in Dallas as part of a Mommy Makeover. All types of tummy tucks tighten the muscular wall of the abdomen, and only vary externally by the location and length of the scar. (Scar length is determined by the amount of skin laxity on the stomach). In rare cases, some mothers (typically very young mothers with few children) may benefit from only abdominal liposuction. For most Mommy Makeover patients, liposuction is more appropriate in areas of the body that were not greatly affected by childbearing such as the flanks (love handles).

Mini Abdominoplasty

In Dallas, a mini tummy tuck is a limited scar abdominoplasty that addresses the abdomen below the belly button. The belly button is not moved, and the skin and muscles of the lower abdomen are tightened. The resultant scar is shorter than that required for a standard tummy tuck, but the results are not as drastic, as less skin is removed.

Endoscopic Abdominoplasty

An endoscopic tummy tuck is performed through a small lower abdominal incision (similar to that used for a c-section). With the use of an endoscope, the abdominal skin is raised up to the level of the rib cage, exposing the region of muscle weakness that can then be repaired. As only a small incision is utilized, only a small amount of skin can be removed. This procedure is only indicated in women who have excellent skin elasticity but marked muscle weakness (generally a rare combination).

Standard Abdominoplasty

In a standard tummy tuck, the incision spans from hipbone to hipbone (the location of the scar can be chosen by the patient and surgeon.) With an incision of this size, the entire abdomen can be addressed. In most cases, all of the skin from the belly button down to the region of the pubic hair can be removed. The remaining abdominal skin can then stretch out to resurface the abdomen. Since stretch marks most often affect the lower abdomen, this procedure significantly reduces or (in some cases) entirely removes the stretch marks left over from pregnancy. This operation takes 2 to 3 hours of surgical time to complete.

Extended Abdominoplasty

An extended tummy tuck is indicated for moms who have skin excess past their hipbones. Mothers who had significant weight gain during pregnancy may have stretched out more than just anterior abdominal skin. For these patients, a longer scar that goes from the posterior hip to the opposite side will allow for removal of this excess skin. An added benefit from this longer incision is that a thigh lift occurs at the same time as improving the flank skin contour. The extended abdominoplasty take approximately 3 to 4 hours of surgical time.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty

A circumferential tummy tuck is sometimes called a belt lipectomy or circumferential abdominoplasty. This operation is more appropriate for patients who have undergone massive weight loss rather than normal childbearing. In these patients, skin excess is present around the torso, and the circumferential scar allows all of this to be addressed. The procedure is basically a combination of a tummy tuck, lateral thigh lift, and buttock lift. The operation takes 4 to 5.5 hours of surgical time to complete. As such, only in very rare circumstances would Dr. Bogdan combine a body lift with breast enhancement surgery.

Your Next Step

If you would like to learn more about tummy tucks and Mommy Makeover surgery, request a consultation with Dr. Michael Bogdan, a board-certified plastic surgeon who has received advanced surgical training in some of the nation's most highly regarded residency and fellowship programs. Or, you can call his office to schedule your appointment: Southlake: (817) 442-1236

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